Our mission is to set a new industry standard for delivering exceptional customer experiences using app-free, SMS-based technology.

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Executive Team

Ken Lovegreen

Ken Lovegreen
Founder & CEO (“Idea Guy”)

Ken and his partners developed the flashing restaurant pager in 1993 under their company, Long Range Systems (LRS). The LRS Coaster Call has become the worldwide standard in guest paging for many industries. After 25 patents, Ken sold LRS in 2011 to dedicate his full attention to his new company, TEZ.

Steve Resnick

Steve Resnick, CSO

Steve Resnick has over 25 years of diverse experience in business development and operational capacities, supporting public and private-sector parking and mobility programs pursued through competitive RFP processes. Steve brings a deep commitment to business success as Chief Strategy Officer at TEZ through collaboration with colleagues, peers, and industry partners.

Greg Sellick

Greg Sellick, CFO

Greg Sellick is CFO at TEZ, overseeing the firm's accounting and business operations. Prior to TEZ, Greg was VP of Finance, Lanier Parking & AmeriPark, LLC, for Citizens Lanier Holdings – the largest parking operator in the South Eastern US with gross transactional revenues exceeding $350M annually.

The TEZ Team

Lily Barron

Lily Barron

International Director

Geremy Rodamer

Geremy Rodamer

Director of Underdog Concepts

John Matiz

John Matiz

Systems Sensai

Andrew Shersted

Andrew Sherstad

Hospitality Guru

Marjorie Jones, Sales Whisperer

Marjorie Jones

Sales Whisperer

Luis Salazar, Gator Operations

Luis Salazar

Gator Operations


Mark Berglund

West Coast Sales & Surf

Arrin Myers

Arrin Myers



Katherine Beaty

Kwisatz Haderach/VP of Implementation

Beth Feagins

Beth Feagins

Counting Countess

Our Story

tez logo on mobile phone

TEZ has been at the forefront of connecting drivers and lot owners, becoming the go-to technology solution for ticketless parking and valet. TEZ launched the first ticketless system with SMSValet, becoming a leader in the parking industry. Now, TEZ is applying its technology across industries, including restaurants, hotels, stadiums, hospitals and other areas that want a simple, contactless and on-demand solution to guest service. By applying their text message-initiated solutions across uses cases and industries, TEZ is changing guest services for the better with on-demand, contactless text to order experiences.

Industries We Serve

Parking Facilities / Shopping Centers

Residential & Office Solutions




Surface Parking Lots

Residential / Condos

Office Buildings



Car Dealerships

Golf Courses

Garage Parking Lots



Our Offices

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North America

Texas (Headquarters)
Maryland (Baltimore)
Illinois (Chicago)

South America

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