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Our Story

Our mission is to set a new industry standard for delivering exceptional customer experiences using app-free, SMS-based technology.

TEZ has been at the forefront of connecting drivers and lot owners, becoming the go-to technology solution for ticketless parking and valet. TEZ launched the first ticketless system with SMSValet, becoming a leader in the parking industry. Now, TEZ is applying its technology across industries, including restaurants, hotels, stadiums, hospitals and other areas that want a simple, contactless and on-demand solution to guest service. By applying their text message-initiated solutions across uses cases and industries, TEZ is changing guest services for the better with on-demand, contactless text to order experiences.

Industries We Serve

Parking Facilities / Shopping Centers

Residential & Office Solutions




Surface Parking Lots

Residential / Condos

Office Buildings



Car Dealerships

Golf Courses

Garage Parking Lots