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Smarter Parking Solutions for Residential Developments & Communities

March 1, 2024

By Don Abell, TEZ Technology and Megan Leinart, Leinart Consulting Feburaury 2024 Download PDF As one of the top sought-after amenities by savvy and discerning consumers, but oftentimes not optimized or prioritized by property management, parking solutions have quickly become the new deal maker…or deal breaker…in today’s uber-competitive residential buildings…

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TEZ Technology Spotlight Series: Galaxy FBO at Addison Airport

February 27, 2024

In the dynamic world of private aviation, efficiency and customer service rank as the highest of priorities. One of TEZ’s newest partners, Galaxy FBO, is a premier fixed-base operator (FBO) dedicated to providing unparalleled service and accommodations to general aviation clients from its state-of-the-art new facility at the Addison Airport…

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What You Need to Know About Digital Tipping

August 22, 2023

Tipping has always been an essential component of the valet parking experience – for both valet staff and for customers. When it comes to the staff, it’s a vital part of their overall compensation. And as for customers, it’s important to ensure one of our most prized and valuable possessions,…

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Enhancing the First and Last Mile Experience

July 19, 2023

  Parking facilities are vital to the first and last mile of a journey. Common in urban areas, it refers to the distance traveled before and after using public transportation. For example, suburban residents may drive to a nearby train station, take the train to the city, and then use…

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Say Goodbye to Costly Claims: TEZ’s Smart Check Will Save You Thousands

July 11, 2023

Thousands of dollars are lost each year from erroneous vehicle damage claims due to insufficient technology or staff error. Often times, the vehicle damage actually happened elsewhere, but operators get hit with the charges. That’s where TEZ’s Smart Check can help! Smart Check has revolutionized the way vehicles are tracked…

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From Arrival to Departure: Creating the Best Airport Parking Experiences

April 6, 2023

Airport professionals face many unique challenges each day. Many of which are out of their control like weather delays, airline disruptions, mechanical issues, etc. The primary goal of all airport personnel is to create convenient, comfortable, and safe experiences for their travelers. The first thing travelers experience when arriving at…

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Modern Mobile Monthly Parking Platform: Maximize Revenues, Efficiency, and Accountability

February 16, 2023

Monthly parking looks a lot different today than it did in recent years. The fundamental transition of the work/life experience, the evolution of new parking technologies, and changing customer behaviors and expectations have all impacted how owners and operators manage their monthly parking billing and administration activities. Now more than…

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Creating Connections: Enhancing the Hotel Staff and Guest Relationship with SMS Valet

February 10, 2023

Customer service is the most important aspect of hotel operations. A great way to ensure that guests are getting the best experience possible is to provide staff with the tools and resources to streamline their duties, as well as create more positive and productive interactions between hotel staff and guests.…

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A Day at the Spa: How Valet Spa Uses SMS Valet to Enhance the Customer Experience

November 29, 2022

TEZ’s SMS Valet solution is used in thousands of parking operations across the country. It is an essential mobile-enabled asset implemented at shopping centers, hotels and resorts, airports, entertainment destinations, downtown parking facilities, and more. Parking owners and operators depend on SMS Valet to create a seamless and convenient parking…

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Smart Strategies To Effectively Price Parking

November 1, 2022

Parking pricing varies significantly depending on the type of destination a lot or garage serves, as well as the location. Overpricing parking will cause patrons to search for other options while underpricing parking results in leaving money on the table. But parking pricing decisions don’t have to be stressful. Consider…

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