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What if there was a solution that could make parking easier for both the parker and lot owners? Guess what? There is.

Parking is often associated with being a stressful and time-consuming experience for parkers, especially when visiting a new or unfamiliar place. Whether looking for convenient parking near a hotel, restaurant, healthcare facility, residential development, event venue, or other destination, parking can be one of the most stressful parts of a trip. The last thing patrons want to do when in a hurry and anxious is try to download and figure out how to pay using a new parking app that they may only need to use once or infrequently at best.

Enter TEXT2PARK® by TEZ. This revolutionary parking platform continues to change the game for parking owners and operators across all sectors and geographic regions.

So how is TEXT2PARK® transforming parking operations and making life easier for owners, operators, and their customers? Let us tell you!

Ease of Use

TEXT2PARK® offers drivers a fast and hassle-free parking experience. Gone are the days of parkers downloading multiple apps or fumbling with cash and coins when in a hurry. Now parkers simply scan a QR code or text a designated code to securely enter their license plate and credit card information. It's that easy. Plus, drivers can easily purchase additional parking time, validate their parking, and even locate their parked vehicle all from their devices without the need for an app.

Advanced Features

TEXT2PARK® goes beyond just simplifying payments. It offers advanced features such as validations, monthly parking options, enforcement tools, and more. Garage and lot owners can pre-sell validations to neighboring businesses or tenants, manage monthly parking subscriptions with ease, and enforce parking regulations seamlessly. Enforcement officers can efficiently monitor lots, issue citations, and even communicate with parkers in real time, enhancing overall parking management effectiveness. Imagine how satisfied your customers will be when they receive a real-time text warning them about a flat tire, upcoming street cleaning, or other issue that makes for an enhanced customer experience.

Enhanced Parking Management

TEXT2PARK® is designed to streamline parking management for owners and operators of garages and surface lots. With its cloud-based platform, managing inventory and payments becomes easier and more transparent. Whether you own a dedicated valet or self-park garage or lot, operate a business with available parking space, or manage parking in a residential community, TEXT2PARK® optimizes your operation and provides a more effective way to generate revenue.

Environmental Benefits

TEXT2PARK® eliminates the need for paper tickets and reduces the use of physical parking equipment to help minimize waste and promote sustainability. In fact, over one million paper tickets are eliminated each year, which translates to significant environmental savings in terms of trees, oil, water, air pollution, energy, and landfill space. And with its continued growth, the environmental benefits continue to multiply.

Get Started Today

With TEXT2PARK®, you're not just simplifying parking, you're facilitating a smarter, more efficient parking management solution. Visit www.teztechnology.com or call 1.469.679.8855 today to learn more about how TEXT2PARK® is revolutionizing the parking industry.