empty dining chairs outside a restaurant

It’s controversial, but governors of some states are relaxing restrictions, allowing dine-in services to resume at restaurants and resurrecting valet business this week. As restaurants open up their doors again, though, there will be some changes:

  • Limit of 10 customers per 500 square feet
  • Employees wearing face coverings at all times
  • Tables placed six feet apart to enforce social distancing
  • Nonstop sanitizing and disinfecting

How does it change valet service?

Valet operators using SMS Valet to manage valet operations already have a fully ticketless solution, so nothing changed there. But disinfecting will start at the curb, not the restaurant:

  • Valet attendants might have temperatures checked before a shift
  • Valet parkers will be greeted by masked and gloved valet attendants
  • Car handles, buttons and the steering wheel will be wiped down with multi-purpose cleaning wipes before delivering those vehicles to owners
  • Keys will be wiped before being given back to customers

What didn’t change for operators using SMS Valet?

Tipping and paying for valet are still cashless, ticketless, and effortless—just like before the pandemic. Valet parkers will:

  • Get a welcome text when they drop off cars with instructions to reply when they want their disinfected cars back
  • Request their cars from valet via text to avoid waiting at the valet stand where someone might sneeze and make everyone uncomfortable
  • Pay for valet using their credit cards, and add a nice tip for the touchless service they’ve come to deeply appreciate since March

Mobile payment for valet parking isn’t just a “nice-to-have” in a post-COVID 19 business landscape. It’s a must-have. Mobile payment options give staff, valet operators’ customers, and the patrons they serve the added peace of mind that all steps are taken to flatten the curve and prevent new outbreaks.

So if you’re an operator still using paper ticket systems (making customers handle cash) or not using a fully ticketless valet system (some of our competitors claim to be 100% ticketless, so compare SMS Valet if you’re looking for a 100% ticketless system), now is the time to embrace fully mobile payments and car requests. Allow your customers’ customer to pay for valet service with their personally disinfected cell phones. It’s just smart business.