Permit Zone

Now more than ever, customers are looking for the highest level of service and convenience when it comes to nearly every activity or interaction. Not only have people never been busier, but the increasing dependence on technology provides many with the convenience and preference to handle myriad administrative tasks independently and much more quickly.

TEZ’s PERMIT2PARK monthly parking administration solution was developed specifically with customer (and operator) convenience in mind. One of the key components of PERMIT2PARK is its innovative self-registration capacity. With this functionality, customers can register themselves as a permit or monthly parker at their desired facility, as well as maintain their accounts all on their own. Owners and operators set the guard rails to ensure compliance with even the most esoteric monthly parking lease provisions.

Self-registration puts all the control into the hands of the customer, allowing them to save time and trouble by registering for their permit online (on their own schedule) rather than having to coordinate such tasks in person during established office hours. It also helps operators save on human resources, eliminating the traditionally cumbersome administrative duties associated with managing permits while allowing them to reallocate those resources to much better and more productive activities such as customer service, facility safety, maintenance, and more.  PERMIT2PARK features include, but are not limited to:

  • Cloud-based tenant lease management and billing platform
  • White-labeled, mobile-enabled
  • Contactless customer self-registration, payment, and facility access
  • Offer individual and group parkers established or special rates
  • Administer must-takes and future escalations
  • Create and store multiple monthly parking categories and rates
  • Eliminate manual processes to reduce errors and labor
  • Digital waitlists
  • Data-driven, real-time reporting and dashboard metrics, exportable as PDF or CSV
  • Transparent digital audit trail
  • Automated notifications and messaging

PERMIT2PARK is leading the industry in app-free, online permitting solutions with its self-registration functionality being a key component to its unprecedented success. PERMIT2PARK is fundamentally transforming the way owners and operators manage their permit parking while enabling even non-staffed locations to facilitate monthly parking sales easily and inexpensively.  PERMIT2PARK also provides customers with a much more convenient and efficient permit parking process, serving as a competitive advantage for your facility.

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