Love My Car

People are often very protective of their vehicles. Sometimes they even give them an affectionate name. They often keep them safely protected from the elements. Even going so far as to refer to their vehicle as their “baby”. And of course, while there is no comparison between one’s vehicle and an actual baby, people are very careful about who they trust with it.

When you think about it, if a person owns both a home and a car, their car is their second most valuable asset, and for most renters, their most valuable. So personal attachment aside, they want to keep it as protected as possible for as long as possible.

So how do we ensure that a person’s most valuable asset is properly cared for? To bring it back to the “baby” analogy, dropping off a car at a valet is a bit like dropping off a child at daycare. You want to leave it with people you trust. You look for a location in a bright, clean, and safe environment. Parking technologies of today have made this process much more pleasant and trustworthy, incorporating a wide range of solutions that enhance the security of the parking facility and the peace of mind required to leave your vehicle there.

When parents today ask their friends about preschools or daycares, they want to hear about places that utilize technologies to make the interaction better and safer; technologies such as those that track which authorized individuals are allowed to pick up their child. At TEZ, our job is to take care of the other beloved and valuable asset: their vehicle. Our technologies make it easy. From the second they hand their keys to the valet to the moment they return, our detailed process of capturing the vehicle’s condition, scanning its details, communicating with the owner, creating a digital footprint for the authorized requestor, and then delivering it safely to and from its parking space, we developed a system that is a combination of innovation and attention every step of the way. Along with our operator partners, we take the parking experience seriously, ensuring the safest and most comfortable experience for the owner possible.

Check out TEZ’s extensive lineup of parking technologies to learn about how we can help you meet the unique needs of your organization and help you care for your customers’ precious assets.