Damage Tracking

Thousands of dollars are lost each year from erroneous vehicle damage claims due to insufficient technology or staff error. Often times, the vehicle damage actually happened elsewhere, but operators get hit with the charges.

That’s where TEZ’s Smart Check can help! Smart Check has revolutionized the way vehicles are tracked and managed from the moment they’re on (and off) the lot, creating a greater level of protection for your business and your customers. When a valet performs a standard vehicle check using the SMS Valet system, they can note any damage or other unique characteristics. This information is then recorded and stored in the extensive SMS Valet system so the vehicle is tracked across all properties.

With TEZ's SMS Valet and Smart Check features, your operation and profits are optimized and protected with enhanced safeguards. Here are just a few key highlights:

  • Capture Damage with Handheld Devices: as part of the SMS Valet system, Smart Check allows valets to capture vehicle damage using handheld devices. This digital documentation ensures accuracy and provides solid evidence when needed.
  • Centralized Damage Evidence: TEZ's extensive network boasts over 50 million vehicles, allowing the vehicle record to be accessed at any other facility using SMS Valet. This database adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Shielding Operators from Costly Claims: the system's detailed documentation acts as a solid defense, offering clear evidence to counter false or exaggerated claims.

Smart Check has taken vehicle tracking and management to new heights, insulating everyone from the owner to the operator to the customer creating a greater level of protection for all parties involved. Reserve a time to learn how TEZ can start saving you thousands today with a live demo.