Summer ParkingAs the days grow longer and temperatures rise, it can only mean one thing: summer has arrived! And with the arrival of summer comes countless opportunities for fun and festivities. Weekends at the beach, concerts, outdoor festivals, and baseball games are just a few of the fun events that give us a chance to gather with our extended communities. Amidst the excitement for all of these events, there's one core component we all know plays a crucial role in ensuring these events run smoothly: efficient parking.

Communities across the United States face an influx of traffic and people each summer. Without effective parking and transportation solutions, the resulting chaos can create negative experiences for both visitors and the residents who live in surrounding areas. One of the most significant challenges faced by event organizers and decision-makers in destination communities is the sheer volume of vehicles, often overwhelming available parking areas. Traditional parking management methods, such as manual ticketing or cash payments at entry gates, can lead to long queues, delays, and frustration for both attendees and staff.

Today, with advancements in parking technology like automated payment systems, license plate recognition, and real-time parking availability tracking, organizers can streamline the parking process and improve the overall flow of traffic. Imagine giving people the opportunity to drive up to a venue or destination and seamlessly enter a parking facility without having to fumble for cash (if they even have any!) or wait in line. With digital payment options and pre-booked parking reservations, attendees can enjoy a hassle-free experience from the moment they arrive.

To go a step further above and beyond just the customer experience, parking technology doesn't just benefit customers; it also provides invaluable data and insights for event organizers and community stakeholders to optimize parking operations. By analyzing parking patterns, peak times, and occupancy rates, operators can fine-tune their parking strategies to maximize capacity and minimize congestion. This not only enhances the customer and visitor experience but also reduces environmental impact by minimizing emissions from idling vehicles.

TEZ Technology works with organizations and operators across the globe to integrate our touchless, app-free parking technology solutions to effectively impact events and the associated parking and traffic considerations. Our solutions, including SMS Valet, Text2Park, and Permit2Park allow customers to seamlessly locate and pay for parking at their destination by significantly reducing the amount of time spent dealing with parking altogether. TEZ means “totally easy”, and our easy-to-use platforms drive this point home for every customer by speeding up the process and cutting down on backups at entry/exit points, no apps to download, flexible pay options, and much more so customers can worry less about parking and focus more on enjoying the event or destination.

TEZ solutions also provide parking owners and operators with real-time data and enforcement tools to better manage their operations. Our new business intelligence (BI) tool, TEZ LENZ, empowers strategic decision-making with data insights pivotal for staying ahead of your parking needs.

As the summer really gets going, it's important not to overlook the importance of efficient parking management. By embracing parking technology and innovative solutions, we can ensure that customers spend less time searching for parking and more time enjoying the festivities. It's not too late to get your community or venue ready for summer. Contact TEZ today to learn how fast we can have you up and running,  and to take the first step toward summer-proofing your parking operation!