Tipping has always been an essential component of the valet parking experience – for both valet staff and for customers. When it comes to the staff, it’s a vital part of their overall compensation. And as for customers, it’s important to ensure one of our most prized and valuable possessions, our vehicle, is properly cared for and protected by compensating the hard-working staff for making that happen. Today, discussions around a cashless society and the technology that enables it are often hot topics. With more and more people carrying less and less cash, it’s critical to have the necessary technology and platforms for both payments and tips. As behaviors and technology continue to change, parking owners and operators have a number of considerations and decisions to make as cash becomes scarcer.

Despite the debate around the pros and cons of cashless options, digital tipping has many benefits when it comes to the service industry. Previously, customers had to have cash (usually in smaller denominations) on them in order to tip valet staff. This is neither convenient nor safe, and ultimately, not very lucrative for valet staff as at times they might get the equivalent of loose change in the end. Digital tipping (via credit card payments or mobile solutions) has made it much easier for customers to show their appreciation, which results in a more lucrative gain for the staff. Truly a win-win for all involved. Additional benefits gained from digital tipping are the safety and security components, i.e., there’s now less cash at risk for both staff and operators to worry about. Valet staff have less cash to carry around, and from an operations standpoint, it makes tracking much easier for accounting and management purposes.

TEZ has long been at the forefront of providing opportunities for digital tipping in the parking industry. As parking continues its digital journey, it’s vital to ensure valet staff continue to be rewarded for their hard work. TEZ’s SMS Valet and TEXT2PARK solutions provide users with a quick and simple way to add tips to their parking payment. This ensures that everyone has the option to tip, improves valet safety by reducing the amount of cash they have on them, and ensures tips are calculated accurately for accounting purposes.

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