Customer service is the most important aspect of hotel operations. A great way to ensure that guests are getting the best experience possible is to provide staff with the tools and resources to streamline their duties, as well as create more positive and productive interactions between hotel staff and guests.

TEZ’s SMS Valet solution has become an invaluable resource for hotels large and small across the country. SMS Valet is the future of hotel valet service, creating a direct connection between hotel staff and guests and creating the best valet experience possible.

Parking is often the first experience guests have at a hotel, and the valet parking process can be overwhelming or uncomfortable for some, especially if it’s their first time or they’re in a new city. SMS Valet provides guests with the peace of mind to be able to interact directly with the valet staff from their mobile devices if they have any questions during their stay. SMS valet also allows guests to request their vehicles, check in and out of their hotels, and receive parking status updates. With SMS Valet, guests don’t have to worry about spending time searching for a misplaced ticket or dealing with issues when losing a ticket. Hotel guests have access to numerous contactless payment options by paying through their phone or having their parking fees billed to their rooms.

SMS Valet is also a valuable tool for hotel and valet staff. By enabling guests to request their vehicle before departure, it gives staff more time to retrieve vehicles without long lines forming at the valet stands. Staff can communicate retrieval status back to the guests so they can be ready with their vehicle when guests are ready to depart. Further, it provides a great platform for hotel staff to get feedback regarding guest experiences through customer surveys within the app. SMS Valet seamlessly integrates into a hotel’s property management system (PMS),  providing managers with real-time reporting and allowing owners to effectively monitor daily operations through any internet-connected device.

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