Enhancing the First and last MileParking facilities are vital to the first and last mile of a journey. Common in urban areas, it refers to the distance traveled before and after using public transportation. For example, suburban residents may drive to a nearby train station, take the train to the city, and then use alternative transportation like biking, walking, or ride-hailing for the last mile. Another option is driving to a city and parking nearby, then using alternative transport for the rest of the way.

Many of these experiences involve off-street parking. To encourage savvy travelers to park at your facility for the "in-vehicle" legs of their journey, consider the following options:

  1. Parking Availability: partner with reservation and mobile app providers to inform users about your facility's location and real-time parking availability/alerts.
  2. Security: ensure a clean and safe garage, incorporating CCTV cameras, security guards, and an open layout to make people feel secure.
  3. Loyalty Programs: offer incentives like discounted rates and preferred parking spaces for repeat customers to foster loyalty.
  4. Contactless Payments: provide an easy and convenient platform for users to locate, reserve, and pay for parking.
  5. Mobility Solutions: offer bike parking, bike sharing, scooters, and curb space for ride-hailing services, facilitating the last mile of the journey.
  6. Partnerships: collaborate with nearby venues and public transit agencies to promote your parking facility as an option and improve navigation.

By demonstrating a commitment to excellence as a part of this journey, you can attract customers, foster loyalty, and encourage repeat visits. Connect with TEZ to learn more about how we can enhance the parking experience for your customers through innovative parking technologies.