Permit ZoneMonthly parking looks a lot different today than it did in recent years. The fundamental transition of the work/life experience, the evolution of new parking technologies, and changing customer behaviors and expectations have all impacted how owners and operators manage their monthly parking billing and administration activities.

Now more than ever, owners, operators, and customers alike are looking for the highest level of service and convenience when it comes to nearly every activity or interaction. At the same time, operators are facing reduced budgets, downward pressure on margins, and fewer available employees.

TEZ’s PERMIT2PARK solution is the industry’s leading app-free, online permitting platform. PERMIT2PARK is fundamentally transforming the way owners and operators manage their monthly parking, often bringing instant financial, customer service, and operational results. Features include:

  • Eliminate the need for manual processing and manage your entire operation from anywhere.
  • Allow customers to self-register and manage their own accounts, freeing staffing resources and creating a more efficient customer experience.
  • Automate parking facility management through a convenient, mobile-friendly platform.
  • Streamline staffing operations by automating billing, renewals, payments, and more.
  • Maximize revenues and efficiency by eliminating costly errors caused by manual billing.
  • Run quality, comprehensive reports incorporating and aggregating all your properties at once.
  • Create new revenue streams by implementing account maintenance fees paid by parkers.
  • Manage operations on a modern platform, leveraging PERMIT2PARK’s cloud-based capacities.

Contact TEZ today to schedule a demo and learn more about how PERMIT2PARK can greatly enhance your monthly parking billing and administration capacities, and the potential for increased accountability and customer service in your operations. Check out our upcoming free IPMI Learning Lab to learn more about how permit parking is changing and how you can harness the incredible power of your monthly parking operations while expanding and supporting your most loyal customer base.