man holding car key with car in background

Restaurants are reopening for dine-in across the nation this week, resurrecting valet and self-park operations. Pre COVID-19, some operators clung to paper ticket and cash business models to have their customers pay for parking, but everyone needs to go fully mobile to compete in this new business landscape. People are downright squeamish about touching surfaces or money. They’re avoiding paying by cash for anything, including parking. As a valet operator or owner, finding and quickly implementing the right mobile solution, though, proves challenging. Suddenly, there are so many solutions to choose from because everybody is claiming to be contactless or cashless (in some form) as businesses reopen.

Mobile payments are our business

TEZ developed SMS Valet, the first fully ticketless valet parking solution, a decade ago. Then we created app-free TEXT2PARK for paid self-parking operations. Our products haven’t changed. SMS Valet continues to be the most trusted, stable, mobile payment platform available in the valet parking industry today. And cash was always accepted—but never required. Valet parkers can tip through the platform electronically. TEXT2PARK allows parkers to pay for parking from the comfort of their cars using their phones instead of a battery-hogging App, and even pay for more parking remotely if they need more time. Not only is it cashless, it’s touchless, too.

Much more than a cashless, contactless parking solution

SMS Valet supports E-Validations and two-way communication. TEXT2PARK has an embedded enforcement solution and ability to pre-sell validations. All of our platforms can support multiple languages, offer a public messaging platform, and advertising on the digital ticket through our Target Ad Network. TEZ platforms also have data-driven reporting tools that streamline operations. Unlike other payment providers, we’re not scrambling to bring a contactless parking solution to market or creatively pitching ourselves as fully ticketless. We’ve been cashless, contactless, and ticketless from Day 1. During the last 10 years, we’ve partnered with traditional and technology-focused valet parking operators using our platforms all over the U.S. and Latin America. And unlike almost all of our competitors, TEZ worked collaboratively with our clients and their contracts, as we all navigated the recent coronavirus crisis.  We did this as true industry partners, because genuine partnering is a core value at TEZ.

Now we’re cheering our clients’ return to business. We’re thrilled that through SMS Valet and other platforms at TEZ, clients can offer their customers a contactless, convenient way to pay for parking as soon as their doors open.

So, to all of our current valet and self-park operators coming back online, Welcome Back!

And if you’re not a current TEZ customer, please send an email to to see how we can partner with you to provide contactless ordering and payment solutions for your business. TEZ doesn’t just provide contactless payment processing for parking, we have platforms serving the hospitality, retail, and service industries, too. Whether you’re in the parking industry, a restaurant moving to a takeout model, golf course wanting to offer online payment options for F&B during play, a tire store looking for a contactless process, or more, TEZ is here to help you go fully mobile.