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There’s no better price than free! Everyone loves getting something for nothing, so offering complimentary valet service to guests at casinos, hotels, and shopping malls is a great way for establishments to create better guest experiences. Allowing customers to drop off their vehicle at the curbside gives them the VIP treatment right from the start and offers a great first impression that lasts until the moment they depart. They can patronize an establishment without having to hunt down a parking space and increase valuable dwell time, promoting higher spends. SMS Valet by TEZ is the world’s first paperless valet platform that allows enterprises to offer a truly elevated experience, driving repeat business and positive word of mouth.

How Ticketless SMS Valet® Works

Handing your keys over to a valet and receiving a paper ticket that you have to hang onto may have been good enough in an analog world, but digital SMS technology can enhance this process to make it better for the guest, the valet, and the business. At arrival, a valet operator asks the guest for a mobile number. The SMS Valet app automatically assigns that number to a re­usable plastic key tag and sends a Welcome Text to the guest with instructions for requesting their vehicle. When it’s time to depart, the guest can request their vehicle directly from the digital ticket they received on check-in. Once requested, the valet receives a notification on the SMS Valet app and retrieves the vehicle. Guests can track their vehicle’s progress and are notified via text when it is ready. The process is streamlined and amazingly efficient. It eliminates the need to find parking which is a common cause for customer dissatisfaction. Guests can enjoy their time at an establishment without the worries and hassle of finding parking or waiting for their vehicle on the curb.

Features Businesses Can Leverage

Ticketless SMS Valet isn’t just good for guests, it’s a boon for businesses as well. The platform is packed with rich features and benefits that a traditional paper ticket system just can’t match.

  • Increase Dwell Time: Customers spend less time parking and more time patronizing your business leading to a boost in revenue.
  • Provide a VIP Guest Experience: Nothing drives repeat business like a VIP guest experience. Complimentary valet rolls out the red carpet and encourages guests to not only return, but to also become organic ambassadors of your business as they tell their friends of the VIP treatment they received.
  • Gain Customer Behavior Insights: Evaluate important information such as how often a guest frequents your establishment, and how long they remain at the property, then offer perks or tweak operations based on that data.
  • Gather Guest Feedback: Push survey polls directly to customers’ phones to collect valuable feedback that is impossible to capture through the use of traditional paper tickets.
  • Advertising Opportunities: Use SMS Valet® to send guests advertisements and to promote events, specials and offers while they’re on site, or after they’ve departed.
  • Claim Mitigation Tools: SMS Valet® makes it easy to document vehicle damage in the system so that issues can be promptly resolved.
  • Improve Valet Workflow: SMS Valet optimizes the job of valet attendants, allowing them to track, locate, and close out vehicles rapidly. Further, with SMS Valet, attendants avoid retrieving the wrong car which often results in long wait times and dissatisfied guests. The platform also drives higher tips, making for happier and harder working valet staff!

Complimentary valet service is perfect for any enterprise looking to treat guests like royalty. SMS Valet® by TEZ takes the VIP experience to an even higher level. See how easy it is for guests to use SMS Valet today.