Damages Screen

Parking technology has come such a long way in recent years, allowing operators to streamline the way they manage their parking facilities and serve their customers. One way that TEZ has played a major role in helping to enhance these operations is through the connections that our solutions provide every operator who utilizes our technologies.

There are over 50 million vehicles recorded in the TEZ system. When a valet performs his or her standard vehicle check upon arrival, noting any damage it may have or any other unique characteristics, this information is recorded and stored in the SMS Valet system.  An added benefit – the damage is not just kept for that one visit but is accessible to the valet if that vehicle shows up to any other facility using the SMSValet system. This unique feature helps create a more comfortable experience for the vehicle owner, while protecting the operator by providing access to this valuable vehicle history. Consider this scenario, if an operator, for whatever reason, doesn’t take the step to note any vehicle damage, there is still a history for that vehicle with previous images, protecting everyone in the system.

Each year, a significant portion of an operator’s budget goes toward damage claims. Our system helps to decrease this liability by connecting each operator and providing that extra level of protection for everyone – even if something gets missed. It also creates a more efficient and convenient check-in experience for the drivers, allowing them to arrive, safely leave their vehicle, and be on their way to their destination.

This “smart check” revolutionizes the way vehicles are tracked and managed, helping to protect everyone from the owner to the operator and creating a greater level of comfort for all involved.