Parking Signage

One aspect of the parking experience that is often overlooked but has an important impact is signage, specifically in garages and lots. We’ve all heard stories (or had our own experiences) of facing difficulty understanding where, when, and how to park at a destination or having unclear direction.

There are some very simple strategies parking owners and operators can implement to ensure clear communication to parkers and create an even more pleasant parking experience. These include:

  • The 5-7 Rule: A good rule of thumb for parking signage placement is one sign for every 5-7 spaces. This will ensure that everyone visiting the facility has numerous opportunities to be exposed to the information they need.
  • Size Matters: Signage should be large enough that people can clearly read it from their moving vehicle and from a reasonable distance. This includes not only the actual sign but the text as well. Signage should also include contrasting colors (dark text on a white background or white text on a dark background) for readability.
  • Less is More: From a messaging perspective, it’s best to be as clear and concise as possible while still providing understandable direction. Too much detail can be confusing for people who likely aren’t parking professionals and lead to discomfort, frustration, or unintentional non-compliance.
  • High Traffic Areas: It’s best to try to locate signage in the higher traffic areas as much as possible. That specifically includes garage or lot entrances, as well as public spaces like elevator lobbies or waiting areas where they may have more time to digest the information.
  • Branding is Key: Providing consistent branding can ensure a safe and comfortable experience needed in parking areas. It’s important for parkers to be able to have visual indicators of their parking facility to successfully utilize technology, remember where they parked, and know who to contact if necessary.

When looking to develop a new parking facility or enhance an existing site, these simple tips can help to create the best parking experience for everyone, enhance compliance, and reduce headaches for your staff.