Software developer TEZ launched TEXT4BAGS, a module for SMS Valet that opens up a valuable new service opportunity and revenue stream for operators managing parking at hotels, malls, residential, and mixed-use projects post-pandemic. The domino effect of restaurant chains and retailers filing bankruptcy has been extreme: valet businesses saw the same impact expected during a natural disaster. But valet parking operators are resilient.

Operators that traditionally stayed with paper ticket processes are moving towards contactless payment applications at unprecedented rates,” said Steve Resnick, CAPP, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at TEZ. “Valet companies using SMS Valet can reinvent and reimagine their operations with an enhanced service offering for their clients and customers while they generate new revenue streams for themselves using the TEXT4BAGS module.”

The new TEXT4BAGS module transforms valet attendants into bag checkers at hotels, adding hotel porterage in addition to parking services. Hotel valet attendants check bags at the curb, often delivering bags before guests even get to their rooms. SMS Valet is app-free and cashless, so guests pay (and tip) for their valet parking and bag check online. Getting bags delivered so quickly translates into higher and more frequent tips because guests appreciate the contactless and fast service, allowing valet operators a way to not only increase profits but raise service levels at the hotels that employ them. TEXT4BAGS gives operators vying for hotel business, particularly post-pandemic, a compelling and competitive advantage.

Hands-Free, Not Hands-On

Retailers resisted contactless payments until the pandemic effectively ended their dependence on legacy point-of-sale systems that performed well in the past. Initially, there was deep concern the learning curve for customers and employees suddenly moving to contactless processes might negatively affect customer experience, but there’s overwhelming evidence that customers want contactless experiences in-store or they’ll take their business online. And that opened up another revenue stream for valet operators using SMS Valet at malls. They use TEXT4BAGS to manage customer purchases and encourage shoppers to shop longer in the mall by offering a contactless, cashless, app-free shopping experience.

Shop Everywhere, Touch Nothing

Shoppers routinely comparison shop online while in a store, maybe even purchase online if a line at the register is too long. Hands-Free shopping means customers can buy items at a store, then text the valet to pick up the bags that are stored in a secure location until the shopper is ready to leave. The valet can bring the car to any valet station at a mall, allowing customers to retrieve their cars (and bags) without walking back through the mall. Limiting exposure post-pandemic is one of the reasons customers might avoid shopping in stores, so offering contactless in-store experiences along with increased protective measures gives shoppers added peace of mind in this new retail landscape.

Millennials and Gen Z Prefer Contactless

Millennials and Gen Z overwhelmingly prefer contactless payments: A January report from Ingenico Group and Freedom Pay found that 75% of millennials and 70% of Gen Z shoppers said they were satisfied with contactless payments, with 65% of Gen Z consumers saying they are a “must-have” option for merchants.

Going paperless is just one-way valet operators will thrive in this pro-contactless marketplace. Those operators that pivot by harnessing the power of ticketless solutions like TEXT4BAGS with SMS Valet can add revenue streams that recover lost revenue now and raise future profits.

About TEZ

TEZ is a pioneering software developer that creates cloud-based, app-free mobile solutions to enhance end-user customer experiences in the parking and hospitality industries. By digitizing service, operators and owners speed up service and streamline operations, generating more revenue. Founded in 2011 by the team that created and patented market-disrupting restaurant paging systems in 1993, TEZ develops innovative and simple mobile technology solutions that offer operators real-time reporting, enforcement tools and a comprehensive audit trail to maximize accountability and profitability in a simple SaaS interface. TEZ platforms facilitated more than 18,000,000 transactions throughout the US and Latin America last year. For more information visit www.tezhq.com