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Checking in bags just got a whole lot easier.

TEXT4BAGS allows hotels, malls, residential buildings and others to easily manage bag check-in – all with a simple text message.

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With TEXT2BAGS, customers using the SMS Valet platform can shop and check in new purchases via text at the store.

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SMS Valet operators are notified and quickly deliver purchases to a customer's room or vehicle.

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Through the TEXT4BAGS platform, customers can pay and tip for bag check-in, if applicable, directly on their phones.

What You Get

Happy Customers

With TEXT4BAGS, operators are able to streamline curbside operations so that bags are delivered to their destination before the customer arrives.

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Hands-Free Experience

Customers can experience shopping via text without worrying about cash tips, paper tickets or handling their bags.

New Revenue Stream

Operators can generate another revenue stream or expand service options with curbside bag check, while offering a contactless experience for all.

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