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Increase Profits and Manage Your Parking Easily

Earn more, streamline your operations, and get valuable business insight with cloud-based, app-free parking payment solutions. Your customers will love the convenience and you will too.

TEZ Solutions

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SMS Valet

Pay for parking with your phone. With SMS Valet, guests can check in, pay, and request their cars by simply clicking the link in a text.

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Save time and money with a fully automated, digitized parking management system. TEXT2PARK gives lot owners a simple, cloud-based platform that makes managing inventory and payments easy and transparent.

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Automate parking inventory, billing, and payments. With PERMIT2PARK, lot managers can streamline how they manage sales, track inventory, and process billing / payments, all in one platform.

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Track incoming and outgoing parkers, accept payments, print receipts and more with Lot Monitor. Instead of manually updating inventory and payments, Lot Monitor allows lot owners to process credit cards, receive real-time updates on cars parked, and get revenue tracking reports – all for no monthly minimum on a pay-as-pay-you-use basis.

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Target Ad Network is an advertising program that delivers highly-targeted digital ads to customers who view the ad while they are out of home, spending money, or near the business. It is app-free, never served with other ads simultaneously, and mobile-friendly.

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Elevate the guest experience with curbside bag check-in. TEXT4BAGS gives hotels, airports and others a system to automate curbside bag check-in, so that bags are managed seamlessly.